Paul   Richards Chair Community Speedwatch (CSW), Footpathsƒ,  
        Traffic Calming/Highways, Village Hall (Trustee)?, Village Plan e:
Jackie   Allfrey Vice-Chair Allotments, Public/Green SpacesSnape CP School
Tim   Beach Councillor Alde & Ore Community Partnership, CSW, Emergency Planning,  
        Housing Needs projects, Noticeboards, Playing Field,  
        police Safer Neighbourhood Team, Traffic Calming/Highways
Graham   Farrant Councillor dog-bins, Finance, Footpaths ❋ƒPlanning, Vehicle Activated Signs
William   Hough Councillor Finance, Playing Field, Traffic Calming/Highways
Georgina   Lock Councillor CSW, Housing Needs, Litter Pick, Paintings, Planning, Snape CP School
Margaret   McKenna Councillor Community Speedwatch (CSW), Village Hall (Trustee) TBC
Maria   Norman Councillor Defibrillator, Good Neighbours, Meet-up-Mondays, Playing Field
Russ   Rainger Councillor Emergency Planning, SALC (Suffolk Association of Local Councils),
        Sizewell Stakeholder Group
    ☞    Only the first-listed Councillor for a particular responsibility is linked above to a relevant webpage.
Marie   Backhouse  Parish Clerk 21 Ferry Road, Orford, Woodbridge, IP12 2NR     t: 01394 450 919     e:
Steve   Stocks Webmaster   e:
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ƒ:  For the official SCC footpaths map of Snape parish, visit our «Contacts» page under "F".
Click here to view a walkers' footpaths map/guide published by the Council: the map/guide can also be downloaded.

Our District Councillors, our County Councillors, Police & Crime Commisioner and our MP are all listed here.