The only Anglo-Saxon ship-burials outside of Scandinavia are at the famous nearby Sutton Hoo and here at Snape, which was first documented in 1827, over a century before the Sutton discovery.  The location of Snape's Ship Burial — by the A1094, half a mile east of the Church — is marked on MAP-1 with a red dotted cross 

There is an article about this site at  The bibliography there refers to an academic paper written by Rupert Bruce-Mitford and published in the "Proceedings of The Suffolk Institute of Archaeology & History", Vol. XXVI, part 1 (1952).  You can download this interesting report if you visit the Institute's website, then Find = "boat-grave by" [sic!], and finally click on the link to the one resulting document.  We respectfully suggest that you click here to make a donation for your download.

A further article entitled "The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Snape Suffolk: Scientific Analyses of the Artefacts and other Materials" can be downloaded from by Find out more … = "9/1996".




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The site is on private land, inaccessible to the public, and there is no longer anything visible.  However, some of the recovered artifacts (including the purple claw beaker, illustrated above and in Bruce-Mitford's paper) can be viewed downstairs at Aldeburgh Museum (IP15 5DS).  The museum entrance is up the outside stairs.