Click below to download the Village Plan (November 2020).
The Housing Needs Survey is at Appendix A, from page 25.

A hard copy is available from the Parish Clerk at



This text is part of the Information Update 4 leaflet being hand-delivered to households in the Parish and at/by the Maltings.

The Parish Council has continued to work on a local Village Plan despite the difficulties and demands of the last few months.

We have recently met with SCC Highways on site in the village to carry on the work to promote further traffic calming measures that are suitable for the village, particularly on Church Road (B1069) but also the A1094 and the single track lanes.  That work is now part of a wider Suffolk initiative to try to create what will be known as “Quiet Lanes”, about which you can download a brief explanation here.

We have also been working on developing a plan for the enhancement of the Village Green opposite the Crown PH, and draft plans are in the process of being drawn up by local residents also for further consultation.

One of the actions from the Village Plan was to complete a Housing Needs Survey (an executive summary of which can be downloaded from here) for the village, and this was reported back in January 2020 by Community Action Suffolk (CAS), who undertook the work and the Executive Summary was placed on the website.  The work to identify potential sites has been started in conjunction with CAS and East Suffolk Council and that work is ongoing.


Snape Village Plan — Questionnaire

Blog originally posted on 3rd July, 2018

The Snape Village Plan questionnaire will be going live on Wednesday 4th July [2018] and running until Friday 27th July.  The questionnaires will be hand delivered to all properties in the Village in the next few days, but you can also complete the questionnaire online.

Please take the time to read and complete the questionnaire as your input can influence how the village develops over the coming years.